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  These adverts really work, these emails are typical of many that I have had since starting the For Sale pages....

Hi roger

Can you remove my advert, the trailer is sold
Best tenner ive spent for a long time. Thanks mate
Regards mark

Comment from Dean Cox..
"Many thanks for putting my Box Trailer in the classifieds, thanks to the huge awareness and viewing of your site, I literally had enquiries from Crimond to St Columb!! Its now sold so you can remove it as and when."


Many thanks for advertising my F2 Stock Car on the site (9th Oct) I had three enquiries by the 10th and it was sold on the 11th.
Thanks again, well once the £5 fee! Will definitely be back if I have anything else to sell!
Andy Bertram

Hi Roger,
I sold my car and trailer within one day. Thank you again for advertising for me. Excellent value for money for the £10 fee.
Steve C

PLEASE NOTE:  All adverts are passed on in good faith, it's obviously wise for those making use of these adverts (both as buyers and sellers) to make sure that items are as advertised and will be supplied correctly.

Due to the running cost of the site I find that I will have to make a charge (albeit a small one) for advertisements on the site. The cost of putting a non commercial advert onto the web site is £5 per item, (eg. a car and a trailer £10)  minimum. Payment can be by PO, Cheque (credit card via paypal  see below) or in person at some of the tracks. The payment will ensure that the advert (with or without picture) is displayed for a month. Around 1,000 people a day visit the web site so I believe that the rates for advertising are very reasonable.  Please email the webmaster at for details of how to pay or use Paypal (You can pay this way using Credit Card Payment even if you don't have a paypal account).

Click above to pay immediately.

Please be very wary of any offers for your items from abroad. I get quite lot of rather stupid attempts at fraud by people who offer to buy things like trailers and cars from a base in places like the USA and Africa.



Added 1st December 2011

FOR SALE COMPLETE. CALL 07778 304390, way too much info to put on here. awesome package, everything you would need to go racing. Multiple heat & final & Championship winning car with all the right bits!
This car has won multiple finals, heats & Championships since beginning of the 2010 season, too many to count. It underwent a complete strip down at the start of 2010 season, every nut & bolt cleaned or replaced etc, every part painted. Comes as a complete package in absolutely immaculate condition (cleanest car on the grid, above & below the body shell) with all the up to date upgrades and race winning parts. Fully set up & race prepared to race to win. Anyone that knows Steve, knows this is a must. A massive Spares package including tyres & wheels is available plus set up equipment etc. Donít miss out on a bargin. Everything you need to go MASCAR racing, you wonít be disappointed. There really is way too much to say about this awesome car on an advert. Its results over the past 2 seasons speak for themselves, finished in top 3 in nearly every championship over past 2 years
We are willing to split the package, to a buyers requirements. Everything up for discussion, even the price.
Tele Steve Dakin 07778 304390, after 6.00pm if possible please. Sorry to be rude, but please donít waste my time if your not serious.



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