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Here some details of Rebel Racing in the UK.

The main concept of the REBEL cars, is that all the cars are equal. Cars are supplied from the factory with engines sealed and other modifications are not allowed. So far driver have been attracted from a variety of other formula's. Some drivers own their own cars whilst others just "arrive and drive" hire cars. These hire cars and during 1996 14 cars were available this way, cuts out the need for a driver to have transport or repair facilities (the hire charge covers the cost of delivering the car to the track and any damage).

The rebels race on quarter mile oval tracks at such places as Coventry, Wimbledon, Ipswich, Baarlo (Holland), Birmingham, Arena plus many more. The majority of the tracks are tarmac but they also race on shale. The cars are built by Tamoco Limited who are based in Tamworth, they can be contacted on tele. 01283 82 10 40     Fax: 01283 82 10 50 or mobile 07976 534607. Complete brand new cars are available for around 6,000 or can be hired on a per meeting basis for approx 200 (all prices should be checked with Tamoco).

Four Cylinder, all aluminum OHV 850cc Reliant, factory fitted with all necessary parts for performance and reliability. All engines are dyno tested, then sealed head to block, block to sump and timing cover to case. Owners may carry out basic servicing such as changing plugs, oils but other than that nothing may be done to alter or modify the engine in any way unless its is specifically allowed by the rules.
Standard Reliant 4 speed gearbox, with a reverse. 4.1:1 final drive ratio, locked diff. with no other ratio allowed.
The suspension is quite basic, utilising rubber sandwich blocks and trailing links. No modifications allowed. Rack and pinion steering.
Wheels and Tyres.
As supplied, five and half inch Alleycat alloys. 185 X 60 X 13 Barum tyres. No cutting or buffing off tread. Tyres must be changed when they reach the wear blocks. Replacements are available at the tracks.
All cars leave the factory at 475Kgs. Weight boxes are fitted to ballast the cars to 575Kg including the driver.

  Well there you have it, Rebels are an attempt to stop the "cheque book" racer taking all the trophies, the "man in the street" can buy a complete car that will be the same as every one else's. Alternatively he can hire a car, perhaps just doing one meeting so that he will have something to talk about down the pub. Mind you anyone trying the Rebels could well finish up hooked on Oval racing, lets hope so.

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