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Listed below are some people who have a great interest in UK Oval racing and would like to exchange emails with any other fans.

Hi all - my name is Steve Farndon and have been following BRISCA F1/F2 for many years.

Anyone interested in selling/swapping programs/mags/pics from 1959, 1960 and 1961 please email me here - 

My e-mail add is -  - I have been a stock racing fan since '79, F2's in particular. I am interested in contacting stock car racing fans anywhere in north America. I have a couple of American penpals already, both of which I have been over the pond to visit.
Regards, Stewart

Hi there folks I'm George Melville I'm from Bo'ness in Sunny Scotland I have been following stock car racing for a good number of years off & on my home track is the Racewall Cowdenbeath my email address is  I also have my own website which contains loads of stock car pics old and new so feel free to view it and post your comments in the guestbook or contact me thu the contacts page or via the email address above the site is called  go on have a look thanks

Craig Smith, ex F1 407, contacted me to ask that I mention his email address so that anyone that remembers him can get in contact for a chat.

I am into BriSCA stox (f1) I would like 2 receive e-mails from stox fans (preferably female) I am 37 Yrs old & have been a stox fan regularly since 1984. My fave driver of all time is 304 big Dave Mellor, my fave driver presently is 515 FWJ + 198 Nigel Whalley (good lad gets stuck in and entertains) I visit most tracks.

Kevin McQueen has this to say... I go to Cowdenbeath Racewall almost every week and would like to know if there was anyone else here that also goes or regularly comes up from south or down from north. I also have my own web site at  contact Kevin at

Hello my name is Mark Green and I race brisca formula two 365 and I would like to talk to anybody interested in brisca f1,f2 saloonstox or any other kind of race cars. my favorie drivers are rob speak in f1,f2 Ian Serpell 613 f2 and eddy deb 677. you can e mail me on


I used to race bangers way back in the middle seventies at such exotic locations as Thorrington Cross,Clacton,Arena Essex,Walthamstow,Harwich,Lydden Hill,Iwade,Dover and also at the west country tracks at Smeatharpe,St Day & St Austell plus several others that created many good memories. I used to race with the number 208. I was also a member of the Essex Vermin team along with my brother John.Many a good team race we had!!!
I now reside in the Shetland Isles so as you can gather, I do not get to any meetings anymore.
If anyone wants to get in touch, you can reach me at :-

From: "Debbie Rich"

Hi! My name is Debbie Rich and I race at the oval in Angmering, W. Sussex. I`m currently competing in the 1340/1600 FWD group. You can see me racing Sundays in a notorious pink and yellow astra! With only 2 more points meetings left things are heating up and I`m hoping to remain my current third position. I would like to hear from anyone interested in the oval hot-rod groups.My address is

From: "niknat read"

I am Natalie and I race BriSCA National Ministox and would like to hear from anyone else who is interested in them!!!!!

My name is Vic Berretta. I live in the town of Allentown,Pa. in the U.S. I visit Roger's web site from time to time, and got interested in the racing scene across the pond. Good to see legends running there. They now have mini cup cars and slingshot dirt cars here which run about $4000 U.S. I'interested in Grand national, Rods , eurocar and british touring car series. I ran enduro's(like bangers) ten years ago, and I'm now trying to set up a ride in street stock or road course enduro racing. I follow most motorsports in the U.S. favoring Featherlite Modified series, Busch and Truck racing. I also collect slot cars and some diecast collectibles. I live aboiut 1/2 hour from Nazareth Intl. Raceway and am within a day's ride to Richmond, Pocono, Dover and Loudon. One of my goals is to try and catch a rod or grand national in the future, But I' want to get some more track time in the U.S before I do that. Drop a line sometime. Thanks.

My name is Tony Lewis. I'm 18 years old. I used to race Minis on grass down here in sunny Cornwall. Please write to me if you're into cars, computers and especially MINIS! My Email address is or

Marianne Fairley says ...I used to race ministox at Cowdenbeath, but age has unfortunately made me retire. so if anyone would like to chat to me about racing especially if you are a fan of English saloon driver David Aldous 499!!! Marianne Fairley

Hello my name is Jonathan Hall and I am a Stock Saloon driver from N.Ireland. I would love to here from F2, Stock saloon, Hotrod fans, mechanics or even drivers. I am studying at Heriot Watt University at the minute in Edinburgh and have plenty of time to reply or talk to people via E mails. I attend the race meetings at Cowdenbeath and naturally all the meetings in N.Ireland when I am back home. Jonathan Hall

I am a big fan of stockcar racing, especially formula two's and I go every week to Cowdenbeath Racewall. My favourite Formula Two drivers are 477 Stuart Gilchrist, 869 Andy Alcock and 401 Barry Goldin. I would like to hear from anybody who likes F2's or goes to Cowdenbeath. Shona Campbell says....I have been going to the racing up here in scotland (Cowdenbeath RACEWALL and Armadale when it was open) on and off for about 24 years.I would like to hear from any stockcar fan regarding F11's,Hot Rods or Saloons and i am interested in any pics of older stockcars ,Ford Anglia's Cortina's etc. I would also like to hear from any famous (!) drivers, any on the internet ??? Scottish stockie fans are more than welcome.

Carl Maslen writes that he would like to receive E-mails from any one interested in talking bangers. He lives in Essex and races at Arena, when he gets the chance. He is also interested in classic cars, but banger racing is his main hobby and he visits as many meetings to watch as he can. He would like to hear about any good meeting coming up at other circuits, as he says that always seem to miss out. Contact Carl by emailing him at .

The following from Bob Mooney is self explanatory, why not drop Bob a line.

Back in the mid-sixties I lived in England for two years(near Ipswich)and I had no idea that there was circle track racing there until I read your magazine the other day.

I have raced for over thirty years, mostly on short dirt tracks(1/4,1/3,1/2 and 5/8 mile)and recently I have had to give up driving. I have an IMCA modified that I just pulled my motor out of and now I have to take the car back to the owner in California(I'm in Arizona)that will be the end of my driving career. The only good thing about it is I can now become a full time fan.

If any race fans there would like to chat about any kind of racing E-Mail me at; and keep in mind the only kind of race cars I like are the ones with an engine and four wheels. TA'

Pete & Laura from the other side of the Atlantic would like to chat to people from the UK (or anywhere) about all types of racing.

Kevin Coker would like to hear a bit about UK racing and tell you about the racing in the US so send Kevin a message or two.


Tony says, "I have followed Brisca F1 racing since 1964. I collect all items of Oval memorabilia including programmes, magazines posters, badges etc.... With the help of other keen collectors a number of "swap-meetings" were held during 1996. These will hopefully continue this year." Tony goes on to say that he is always pleased to buy/sell and exchange items of interest. To contact Tony click Tony.

Cameron 25 years old, from new zealand, if its got wheels I'll watch it on tv but no f1. Nascar speedway, nascar (jeff gorden), btcc (paul radisich fan) indycar drag racing (john force fan). Cameron from New Zealand.

David Kipling is a spectator and amateur journalist. He specializes in old-time memories from the sixties and seventies. His email address is FKPLD901@BCITVM.BCIT.BC.CA and he now lives in Canada. He would like a few people to keep him up to date with whats happening on the UK Stockcar Tracks plus a good chin wag about oval track stuff.

Next we have Dick Young, many of you may remember Dick who used to live in Bedfordshire and was a BRISCA driver. He has a wealth of knowledge and has many good yarns to swop. He now lives in Canada and can be found at Dick Young I have already exchanged a few emails with Dick and I really enjoyed reading messages from him. (Please note that Dicks Address changed in Feb. 97, this link is to his new one).

Jamie Gibson has been having some drives in the Rebels this year and is looking forward to racing a Sprint Car in 97. He would welcome a message or two from anyone interested in Oval Racing and especially Sprint Car fans, Jamie can be contacted at

Next a message from one heck of a distance. "I want some one to e-mail me. I go crazy if I don't see my fav driver race (Mathew Thompson) - he races a midget #18. So if your like me, or can help me get into racing, im 15 and know quite a bit about cars, with my dad being a electrition, part time dad, and full time speed way suporter. So if you have any advise at all please contact me in New Zealand." So who would like to contact Andrea Dennis who is all the way from New Zealand, send a message to Andrea

Stephen Esau has written in, he says that has an interest in Formula 2 Stock Car Racing in that he is a mechanic for his brother Chris Esau(No243) who started racing last year in the west country. In case you were wondering about his surname he is the nephew of Jim Esau(244) formula 1 World Champion from 1970. Stephen would like talk to other people about the sport and perhaps share memories from racing in the 1960's to present. Contact him at

If you would like a chat with a fellow racing enthusiast why not send an email to one of the above. If you would like your email address entered here send an email to me with a short description of the types of racing that interest you.

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