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Gary Picken has sent some very interesting info. about this great budget formula.
Martin Baker  0f ( ) has offered additional
information and I will be adding this during 2010

Modstox are a very lively formula as can been seen in this picture that appeared
on the Face Book Modstox group that is run by Martin Baker. At the start of
2010 there are between 20 and 30 registered drivers and racing takes
place on average about once a fortnight, this (along with construction rules)
helps to keep costs dowon.


Modstox is a “budget” contact short oval formula started in 1993 by Harry Keeling, ex F1 driver 298 from the early 70s, who built a chassis to accommodate the Fiat 126 engine, gearbox and suspension to be used by his two sons for field racing.  This soon became popular with their friends and about 7 cars were built.

Late in 1993, the chance to race on Wednesday nights at Stoke with the Progressive 600 formula to fill in between their races became available. The formula continued to grow and by the end of 1995 over 20 cars had been built and meetings being held at Stoke, Buxton, Bolton and Grimley near Worcester.

Towards the end of the 95 season some cars were fitted with a “rear mounted” Reliant robin 850 cc engine, whilst retaining the Fiat126 gearbox to see how well they would perform.  The speed difference being quite apparent.

Following driver approval the 95/96 close season saw several new cars being built but this time in front engined Reliant configuration and also utilizing  the reliant rear axle whilst retaining the Fiat126 transverse spring front suspension. 

The formula continued to flourish at stoke right up to the end of the 2001 season which saw the closure of Stoke to four wheeled motor sport. With a lot of uncertainty over the 2001/2 closed season several top grade drivers made a move to F1’,F2 and V8’s whilst Brisca tracks were unfortunately unavailable to Modstox for a number of reasons.  From 2002/3 Modstox has continued at independent “grassroots” midland venues Trent (near Burton on Trent) and Grimley Raceway, whilst the closure of Trent at the end of 2003 saw modstox adding the clay/dirt tracks of Brampton(near Sheffield) and Ruabon(near Whitchurch) to Grimley for the 2004 & 2005 seasons.  Unfortunately the future of Ruabon  is uncertain for 2006.Consequently Modstox have negotiated the addition of Blyton near Scunthorpe for 2006 in addition to Brampton & Grimley.

Superficially the cars look similar to F1 and F2 cars but the detail reveals their cost conscious budget ethos.  The engine must be kept to standard 850 with limited modifications to cylinder head although a racing camshaft is allowed more on the grounds of “engine policing” rather than the need for more power.  The standard SU 1¼” carburetor is also retained.  Suspension utilizes leaf springs rather than expensive adjustable coilovers with rear axles being the Reliant robin although Bedford Rascal/Suzuki Supercarry axles are allowed from 2006 with a view to maintaining availability and reasonable cost.  Similarly the majority of cars retain their fiat126 suspension but with an eye to dwindling supplies metro and Bedford rascal hubs (complete with disc brakes rather than drums) have been introduced for 2006 either in fiat transverse leaf or fabricated beam configurations.  Allied to these budget measures are, no adjustable shock absorbers allowed, limited use of competition tyres (two being permitted on tarmac for 2006).  Cars cost between £400 and £1200 to buy.  Racing is generally limited to once a fortnight between April and October again in the interests of cost/hobby racing and making the winning of overall championships attainable to all drivers not just a select few.  And to top it all off you can start racing at the age of 14 so Modstox makes a sensible first step into the world of motorsport.  Proof of Modstox’s budget credentials was published in the 2003 national bible “Motorsport News” launched a competition to find the cheapest motorsport formula in the UK.  Modstox came 2nd... The winner …Lawnmower racing!!

If you are interested in finding out more about Modstox contact :

 Chairman David Roche(99) or  tel 01782-516449 /07771-736840.

Vice-Chairman Gary Picken(93) or tel 01782 327708 /07786 854534

 We will be pleased to send you our latest newsletter and Rules, together with a For Sale listing. You will not be disappointed with Modstox – a true full contact budget formula.

Alternatively see our website

We look forward to seeing you at the races soon!

2006 Track Guide

For the 2006 season you can see or race Modstox at Brampton Raceway which has just been taken over by Steve Rees of Startrax (Shale/Clay track at Dinnington - South Yorkshire) Blyton ( concrete track near Gainsborough) and Grimley Raceway (Tarmac track - near Worcester)

Brampton Raceway - Situated only 3 miles from M1 junction 31 - This clay track has been home to “grassroots” Banger and Specials racing for the last 30 years - It provides whole family entertainment with drinks and food available on site - This will be the second season of racing for Modstox at Brampton and hopefully will provide excellent entertainment for race fans and would be racers in the south Yorkshire/East midlands area. Race days normally Sunday and bank holiday afternoons. Contact Steve Rees 01484 850081

Blyton Raceway - Situated just off the A159, between Gainsborough and Scunthorpe. A tight concrete track with Armco safety fence. This track is quite smooth but the tight bends make this agood action track. It offers good family entertainment with a good range of budget racing formulas. Food and drinks are available from excellent catering outlets. Race days normally Sunday afternoons with occasional summer Saturday night speed weekends. Contact Parvis 07956 496949

Grimley Raceway - Situated just off the A449, between Droitwich and Worcester. A tight Tarmac track with Armco safety fence. This track is quite smooth and the racing speeds are greater than shale and clay. It offers good family entertainment with a good range of budget racing formulas. Food and drinks are available from excellent catering outlets. Race days normally Sunday and bank holiday afternoons. Contact Alan Lewis 01886 832154


Hi and welcome to the third newsletter of the 2006 season – this year has been a year of transition with modstox making steady progress throughout the year. The season did start slowly with the non opening of Brampton and some hurried rejigging of fixtures midseason but the season has seen car numbers slowly improve to mid teen numbers aided by successful debuts at warton and Belle vue together with an upsurge of northern interest firstly from the blackpool posse and later the swinton car project.. a resource which is still at the early stage but which has great potential for growth in 2007.. this potential for growth can only succeed if more cars are built and if the rumour mill bears fruit it seems a good number of drivers are planning new cars for themselves or to sell on as means to get more cars on track and help fund their own racing activities.. with continued driver enthusiasm and a fair wind it may be possible to see 20 cars on track by the end of next season - a major milestone for modstox.

Congratulations first of all to Neil Mack(56) of Stoke for retaining his points title(silver roof) .The points title adds to neils British (gold roof), won at Belle Vue. Add to this the Northern & Midland title and the Champion of Champions title won on the last bend at the final meet of the season at Blyton and Neil has had the nearest thing to a perfect season a driver could have. Perhaps Neil should set his sights on the only title he hasn’t won for the 2007 season… the rollover trophy…im sure many drivers would like to “help him” to win that one in 2007
Credit should also go to “little brother” Craig Mack(156) who finished runner up to neil in the points and “stole” the tyrefit trophy from neil on the last lap at Grimley in august.
.Neil and Craig will no doubt give major credit to ace fettler dad Pat whose tireless efforts keep neils and craigs cars “on the button” at all times whilst pat is also seen getting many others back on track between races…you can see where the boys get their energy from.. A great Mack team effort in every sense.
An excellent Third place in the points in his first season in modstox went to Simon Wallace(119) of Blackpool which was a reward for consistency and he even managed to bag his first title the Shale Shifters at the inaugural Belle Vue meet, with his preference for shale expect him to push the mack boys even closer in 2007 aided and abetted by the blackpool posse as they benefit from a years experience in modstox.
Simon also takes the Newcomer of the Year title after a season long battle with teammate Dave Shaw(112) whilst the coveted Rollover Trophy was won by Neil Cooper(256) after a below par season in terms of results, expect him to bounce back in 2007.
A complete list of Championship title winners is attached. The only trophy left to win is the Driver of the Year trophy to be voted on at the AGM. Whilst talking of trophies a special thank you to Kev Picken for donating yet more “ unique” championship trophies in 2006 which not only look good but save the modstox club a lot of money .fitting perfectly with the Modstox budget formula ethos .

As is often the case there are few changes in the final grading..the only changes being Dave shaw(112) ending up as blue whilst Nathan Picken(95) dropping down to yellow, Steve Denbigh(12) also moves back up to yellow. .However looking down at the final grading it is good to see Arron O (Olszewski) finish blue after some impressive performances. Poor seasons for 2005 reds Gary Picken(93) and Neil Cooper(256) down to yellows whilst the grading of Ricky/Ryan and Andrew (14/17/114) is unrepresentative since these boys all shared one car in 2006 and so with only 1 race per meet their averages are way down on what they could achieve. Finally a word for Steve Denbigh(12) not the best car ,maybe not even the best driver but you cant doubt Steve’s dedication and enthusiasm for racing as this one man band proved yet again modstox is the budget formula. He has to win the the top trier award (if we had one… I can feel a new trophy coming on kev!) at every meeting this season ..the only other driver to achieve this feat ..”mr perfect” neil mack

Modstox had their first ever mechanics race as a curtain faller to the season at Blyton on 1st October. Mechanics race – this event was the brainchild of Chairman Dave and I have to say I had a few fears re drivers writing off cars or worse still hurting themselves but the event turned out to be an enjoyable event for drivers and spectators (owners) alike and really helped to make the final Blyton meet a bit special for everyone. Despite losing the 95 and 356 cars due to damage an excellent 10 cars made it out for Modstox inaugural mechanics race ..a few last minute driver car change combos are detailed on the attached sheet.1st bend action saw kev(91) and ryan(17) tangle allowing ben(12) to lead with 256,99,6 and 119 following. 6 moved through to take a comfortable lead whilst teammates 256 and 99 tussled for 2nd whilst a recovering 91 made up a lot of ground only to clash with 17 again. Winner was Ian Broomhead in the 156 car.2nd was Dave Roche in the 99 car. And third Andrew Wood in the 256 car. Not a classic race in its purist sense but every driver seemed to enjoy the race and have a hard luck story to tell at some point during the race. Many thanks to all the drivers who gave up their cars for this race.. many thanks also for kev providing the trophies again and neil mack turning photographer to record the winners, the chairman is already planning the 2007 event!! Where he hopes to go one better!

TRACK No. of cars/drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Blyton 8/10              
H1 112 17 56 NOF      
H2 56 356 119 112 156 12 95
F 56 156 356 119 95 14 NOF
  GN 112 119 56 356 156 95 12
Blyton 9/10              
H1 56 119 156 17 256 12 95
H2 156 56 119 114 95 12 14
F 56 119 17 156 12 NOF  
  GN 56 156 119 256 114 12 NOF
Grimley 9/10              
H1 156 56 17 12 99 112 NOF
H2 156 56 256 12 14 99 NOF
F 56 156 256 12 93 99 112
  GN C A N C E L E
Buxton 9/10              
H1 112 156 56 95 256 12 NOF
H2 56 112 95 17 99 256 12
F 56 156 95 119 12 99 114
Warton 10/11              
H1 56 119 114 99 93 12 118
H2 56 114 119 95 93 12 NOF
F 56 112 119 95 17 256 93
GN 56 99 256 112 12 NOF  
Blyton 11/15              
H1 99 119 356 276 56 114 95
H2 119 99 56 356 95 93 170
F 56 119 50 356 93 95 14
  GN 56 119 99 50 95 356 120
Grimley 11/12              
Tyrefit ch 156 112 95 114 99 256 356
H2 156 114 56 95 356 99 93
F 156 56 99 12 93 356 256
  GN C A N C E L E
Belle Vue                
Shaleshifter 119 56 93 112 156 95 99
British Ch 56 112 356 93 99 114 12
F 56 112 119 156 356 99 114
Blyton 13/16              
H1 156 56 119 6 95 12 91
H2 156 56 356 119 17 12 112
F 56 99 119 6 356 256 112
  Mechanics 6 99 256 91 156 56 112


grading based on averages              
Point after meet 9 1/10/06              
Grading list commencing 1st January 2007          
  cars 11/12 13 13/16        
Neil Mack 56 20 39 30 300 9 33.33 GOLD/SILVER
Craig Mack 156 40 14 16 174 7 24.86 RED
Simon Wallace 119   20 23 170 7 24.29 RED
Arron Olszewski 356 14 20 14 96 5 19.20 BLUE
Jake Roche 99 23 16 16 111 7 15.86 BLUE
Dave Shaw 112 14 33 6 118 8 14.75 BLUE
Ian Broomhead 6     15 15 1 15.00 YEL CBG
Nathan Picken 95 17 3 4 97 8 12.13 YEL 
Gary Picken 93 12 16   60 6 10.00 YEL
Steve Denbigh 12 10 4 6 87 9 9.67 YEL
Neil Cooper 256 11 1 6 64 7 9.14 YEL CBDG
Kevin Picken 91     2 2 1 2.00 YEL CBG
Stuart Bassett 50       18 1 18.00 WHITE CBG
Andrew Lilley 114 17 10 0 57 8 7.13 WHITE
Ryan Newton 17     4 48 7 6.86 WHITE
Ricky Newton 14 0   0 16 6 2.67 WHITE
Simon Bailey 276   0 0 6 3 2.00 WHITE
Dave Waterhouse 7   2   2 1 2.00 WHITE
Dean Unsworth 120       2 1 2.00 WHITE
John Scholes 170       2 1 2.00 WHITE
Gary Scott 193     2 2 1 2.00 WHITE
Ivan Sielski 118 0     2 3 0.67 WHITE
Total  drivers raced 22 check 12 13 16        
RACE FOR SILVER -POINTS (top 6)            
Neil Mack 56 300            
Craig Mack 156 174            
Simon Wallace 119 170            
Dave Shaw 112 118            
Jake Roche 99 111            
Nathan Picken 95 97            
NEWCOMER OF THE YEAR              
Simon Wallace 119 170            
Dave Shaw 112 118            
Andrew Lilley 114 57            
Neil Cooper 256 2            
Nathan Picken 95 1            

Carrying on the club/fun atmosphere following the mechanics race at Blyton. An informal drivers social meeting will again be held at the Old Mill at Alsager(formerly Poachers Pocket) on Sunday 29th October at 5.30 pm. Location 5mins east of M6 junction 16 on the main road (B5078/B5077) into Alsager on righthandside coming from west (m6 side) ..lookout for sign down a lane. The purpose of the meet is to have a social gathering away from the pressures of the racetrack, to discuss ideas be they car specs, where we race or anything either on or off track that you think could improve the modstox club without the pressure of having to vote there and then without time to consider, alternatively just talk about what you do in the offseason to relax.The meeting is open to drivers mechanics or anyone interested in Modstox.
One final thing re the social .there are various groups going so remember act responsibly …please drink don’t drink and drive.


This years AGM will be held at a new venue Warrens Bar, Station Road, Holmes Chapel CW4 8AA on Sunday 12th November at 1 pm. Directions as follows:

From M6 junction 18 - Holmes Chapel / Middlewich
A54 to Holmes Chapel
into centre of village, 2 mini roundabouts, Robinsons Pub on your left
Right at 1st, left at second - this is virtually straight across, staggered junction.
signed A535 Alderley Edge
appprox 1/2 mile, go over railway bridge, take next right, before sharp left bend
Signed Congleton.
300 yds to T junction - industrial estate on your left
Warrens is across road, turn right (Back towards Holmes Chapel) then immediatly left into Warrens (was previously known as AP Club - if get lost ! ring pub 01477 537274)
If you cross the Railway line again, youve missed it !

Both Dave and Gary have decided to stand for re-election “ for their sins” – however this is your club …if any driver wishes to stand for Chairman or Vice chairman can we ask that they make their intentions known to us by 1st November (a couple of days after the informal drivers meeting) so we can arrange the meeting/preparation of manifestos etc accordingly.

N.B although the AGM will be an open forum for items to be raised on the day
One point of order ..although this meeting is open to existing and prospective new drivers (& mechanics) only ‘active’ registered drivers who have raced this season are allowed to vote.
I f there is any specific rule change you want a vote on please advise by phone or email otherwise we’ll take forward suggestions from the social meet.

The agenda of the AGM is as follows:
1. Election of Chairman/Vice-Chairman
2. 2006 Tracks update report.
3. Rule changes:
A. Construction
B. Suspension
C. Brakes
D. Wheels and tyres
E. Engine
F. Safety Equipment
G. Car identification
H. Racing Rules
I. Grading
J. Championships
K. Disciplinary Procedure
L. Booking in procedure

4. Other Business
A. Finances/Licence fees
B. Scrutineering
C. Marketing/Promotion/Website

5.Trophy Presentations

please email/give us a call if you intend attending the AGM so we can way up catering arrangements

Good to see a few newbies racing the tracks since the last newsletter..

Dave Waterhouse(7) from Oldham an 80’s F1 racer debuted his ex Paul North(2) car at the Belle Vue British.
Simon Bailey (276) from Biddulph, Stoke following a tryout in Gary Pickens car at Blyton in August has purchased the ex Paul/John Willetts car and raced at Belle Vue and the final Blyton meet. Simon has never raced before.
Gary Scott (193) from Halifax also had a spin in Gary Pickens car at the last Blyton and is seeking a car for the 2007 season. Gary’s previous racing experience was in rallycross.
P.J from Sheffield has bought the former Dean Bunting chassis with a view to racing in 2007. he has raced before but I don’t know what! But has links to the Falding F1 crew so were told.
Also had a few enquiries recently – couple of ministox drivers from the Manchester Bolton Warton area a rookirod racer from Sheffield and even a radio controlled stox racer from Nottingham so if you do want to build a new car the market for your old one seems fairly buoyant at present.


Track news – we were invited to attend the Brampton track relaunch at the end of September which intends to reopen Easter 2007.The new promoter is specials racer Mick Finn.The meeting was very well supported with a lot of familiar Brampton faces present. We have been offered meets at Brampton for 2007.We confirmed our intention to race at the venue ..the track being ideally suited to least when its not raining!!

Website – updates on web pages are now happening on a regular basis and creating a steady stream of interest.. the website info was directly responsible for attracting recent convert Simon Bailey (276) and recent tryout Gary Scott(193) we also have one or two others making enquiries. Simon has even setup his own website which is a very good read of the trials and tribulations of a driver just setting out in motorsport. The website also has some good links to some good photo sites who have kindly featured Modstox this year. Details of such websites are found below.

Many thanks to Arron and Kev Lovell for their efforts re the website ..Kev going above and beyond the call of duty providing free haircuts to the webhoster which means we get our website free..!

Sky TV AND Regyvision
Just heard from David Wood of the carproject that dvd’s of the august blyton meeting should be with him next week..whilst the actual sky programme featuring the Car Project will be aired on sky tv around the 2oth November well email with precise details as soon as we have them.
Not to be confused with Sky coverage.. Reg Picken of “Regy vision” has prepared an amateur video of all this seasons meetings – a four hour tape which has a mix of incidents ..pit shots and panoramic views(sky or grass!) complete with some biased commentary priced at just £6 ( £2 for tape,£2 for reg and £2 towards club funds) if anyone is interested..give us a call/email and well get a copy run off in time for agm..they also make excellent Christmas presents for the missus!.Were also thinking of doing a promo video/dvd for release to interested drivers at such places as the Startrax oval racing show end of January for which we are already looking to send 3 cars..any volunteers.


Sorry if we’ve missed your news …If you’ve got any team news or rumours you want to see in print give us a call and were happy to include them in the next newsletter.
That’s all for now, hope to see you at the Driver Social or failing that the AGM and thank you all for making 2006 a successful & enjoyable season

David Roche (sponsor of 99 car) Gary Picken (93)
Chairman Vice Chairman
Tel: 01782 516449 Tel: 01782 327708
Mob: 07771 736840 Mobile: 07786 854534
E-mail: E-mail:

For further details see


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