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Radio Controlled Superstox


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Thanks to Paul Barnes for this interesting info.

Contact details are as follows
Paul Barnes
Eastrax Models Ltd
Crown Farm
Eastlands Bank
Walpole St Andrew
PE14 7LB
Mob: 07881803694 all day
Tel: 01945481188 Evening
Club night racing is every Thursday night
2006 racing calendar is still under construction (and I hope to bring you details as soon as they are available).

RC SuperStox is designed to capture everything that the full size class offers…
Equal and affordable equipment. Affordable to buy and to run for a season. A class that allows minimal contact that accepts a nudge and push to make a pass but comes down hard on drivers who slip into ‘banger mode’. The racing rewards drivers who use their skills to be quick, safe and reliable and SuperStox is the first RC oval class to use a driver training scheme to make sure you get the best from your racing – you will be taught how to be safe and best of all how to be fast!

The cars themselves use many standard components, keeping a level playing field and the costs under control but there is still plenty of opportunity to add some individuality to YOUR race car. The engines are pull start petrol engines like those used in other large scale RC race cars. The steel top chassis are all built to a set of CAD drawings so you can either build your own race car from scratch or buy a ready to race car if you just want to get on and drive. The body panels are constructed from sheet panels and look just like the real thing. We even encourage you to create a replica of a full sized car.



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