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Pictures from Sixth Sense Media taken by Stu Stretton, Annika & Jodie Lilley

  The following news has been sent in by Stu Stretton and the report written by Peggy-Ann Lilley. Do not miss the fantastic pictures by Six Sense Media (Stu Stretton), you can see 680!! pictures by clicking here


A large turnout of 34 cars were all eager to try out the new track at Aldershot today. It was Oval Track Legends first meeting and it was local driver, Paul Fiore (#516) who 'looked to be at home' in a comfortable first heat win from Jeff Pritchard (#808). Kev Hughes (#105) was out in a fresh car, having recently acquired the ex#9 car of Stu Wright and came home in third. Peter Blundell (#156) was still carrying the misfire from round 6 and recorded a DNF. Newbie, Steve Jay (#95), made a good start for a 19th place finish in his maiden heat, which couldn't have been easy in what seemed to be a hectic race! Trevor James (#7) punted Derek Hales (#8) out in an accident in the second half of the race, leaving Derek stranded on turn 3 until the chequers went out to Paul.

Heat two produced a fresh winner in Richard Poulter (#98), taking his second career win in Legends. Paul maintained only a second place finish but the result is under investigation for Richard may be deemed at fault for Pete Amas (#33) not finishing. They both got caught up in an incident on the fourth turn when negotiating round a backmarker. Darren Smith (#76) hit the wall hard on turn 3 with only a handfull of laps to go and was unable to repair the car for the final. From last place on the grid, Ian Hales (#6) drove through for a third place finish, only just taking fourth man, Mike Walmsley (#182) over the finish line.

Trevor went all out to win heat three from Ian and only just did it coming out of the last bend. Robie Jukes (#22) got his car wide, Ian was quick to clear through the incident but Trevor just pipped him to the post.

By the rules, only 24 cars could go to the grid in the feature final won by Ian, his third points final win this season. Paul had earnt pole position but was overtaken by second place man, Trevor and Russ Bull (#100) in third, for a fourth place finish. Martin Heath (#242) soon broke through from the back of the second pack but lost valuable places by taking to the infield to avoid trouble with loose cars on the home straight. Martin's low finishing result of 18th is under investigation as his car 'missed the loop' on the transponder readings in the evasive action which put him a lap down
(written by Peggy-Ann Lilley)

Sunday 8th June, 2008
Round 7 - Spedeworth Bowl II

Heat One : 516, 808, 105, 100, 33, 64, 7, 76, 20, 242, 52, 285, 19, 60, 677, 22, 77, 169, 95, 8. DNF 156 misfire.
Heat Two : 98, 516, 6, 182, 64, 8, 19, 242, 16, 161, 2, 65, 266, 5, 105, 23. DNF 33 accident, 76 accident, 156 misfire. DNS 4, 74, 614. Result under investigation, 98 contact on 33.
Heat Three : 7, 6, 22, 182, 677, 2, 16, 52, 285, 98, 161, 20, 65, 266, 808, 5, 23, 100, 95, 60, 169. DISQ 77 contact on 60.
Final : 6, 7, 100, 516, 182, 285, 22, 19, 20, 161, 52, 808, 2, 16, 266, 65, 98, 242, 8, 64, 105, 5, 677, 33. Result under investigation 242 missed transponder reading.

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