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  Hopefully the list that appear below will be of use  but please remember that fixtures and dates etc can be changed so please check before travelling.

 Mildenhall Stadium 2017

Saturday 11th March 6:30 National Bangers British Qualifier Round 1 & 1300 Stockcars
Saturday 25th March 6:30 Bangers RWD Round 1 (cortina etc), National Saloon Stockcars & Ministox
Saturday 1st April 6:30 National Bangers British Qualifier Round 2, Brisca F2 World Qualifier & 1300 Stockcars
Friday 14th April 2pm Good Friday Teams, Ministox & Reliant Robins
Saturday 29th April 6:30 1600 Bangers, Brisca F2 & Ministox
Saturday 6th May 6:30 Unlimited Supreme Championship, RWD Round 2, National Saloon Stockcars & Ministox
Saturday 27th May 6:30 PRE70 Bangers, National Saloon Stockcars & Reliant Robins World Qualifier PARADE @ 6
Saturday 10th June 6:30 National Banger British Qualifier Round 3, Brisca F2 & Ministox
Saturday 17th June 6:30 Unlimited Vans, National Saloon Stockcars & V8 Stockcars
Saturday 8th July 6PM British Banger Championship, Reliant Robin World Final & Ministox 
Saturday 22nd July 5PM Micro Bangers, National Saloon Stockcars European Qualifier, Brisca F2 & Historic Stockcars
Sunday 23rd July 1:30 Micro Bangers, National Saloon Stockcars European Championship, Brisca F2 & Historic Stockcars
Saturday 5th August 6PM Unlimited Bangers BWS, RWD Round 3 & Saloon Stockcars
Saturday 26th August 6PM Old Skool Teams & Brisca F2 World of Shale
Saturday 9th September 6:30 PRE90 Unlimited Suffolk Championship(older cars NO YANKS) RWD Round 4 & Ministox PARADE @6
Sunday 24th September 2PM Siamese Bangers, National Saloon Stockcars, Brisca F2 & Ministox
Saturday 14th October 6PM RWD Championship, National Saloon Stockcars W/Y & 1300 Stockcars
Sunday 22nd October HALLOWEEN HAVOC Banger Crazy Races,D/D's, Reliant Robin British Championship, Ministox Mildenhall Drivers Championship, Caravan D/D & Firework Display


GP Midget Fixtures 2017
For up to date details visit GP Midget Web Site 
2017 dates Venue Event
Sunday 2 April Swaffham Southern Championship in East Anglia
Sunday 16 April Yarmouth Derek Kisby Trophy
Saturday 6 May Birmingham Racequip June Cochrane Cup
Sunday 28 May Swaffham East of England Championship
Saturday 3 June Coventry Motorfest (Display)
Sunday 4 June Coventry Motorfest (Display)
Saturday 24 June Birmingham World Championship
Saturday 1 July Buxton National Championship
Sunday 2 July Buxton BCP Services Simon Pashley Memorial
Saturday 8 July Birmingham Steve Walford Motorsport Trophy
Saturday 22 July Birmingham Dorrell Flooring Trophy
Saturday 12 August Posterholt European Championship
Sunday 13 August Posterholt Peter Scheepens Memorial & Golden Helmet
Saturday 2 September Birmingham Graham Hill Trophy Procomp Motorsport
Sunday 17 September Swaffham British Championship
Sunday 8 October Birminghham Fire Expel Bill Boarer Trophy
Sunday 22 October Buxton Northern & Midland Championship
Saturday 4 November Birminhgam iFactor Final









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