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Wednesday 28th February

Download accelerator from CNET.

Sunday 25th February

Here you will find a very useful little free utility that allows you to keep notes on your desktop. There are also some other helpful free programs.

Saturday 24th February

Want to download for free Grand Theft Auto 2, well you can here plus get loads of other totally free games.

Saturday 17th February

Ovalracing not fast enough for you, believe me this is a lot faster!

Friday 16th February

Now here you will find some great freeware, well worth a look.

Thursday 15th February

Send parcels anywhere quite cheaply.

Sunday 11th February

Want to see your house from the air?

Wednesday 7th February

Are you ever worried about what programs auto start when you startup your computer. This little program will sort it all for you.

Tuesday 6th February

A book for stockcar fans.  

Monday 5th February

Here is the place to test your PC

Sunday 4th February

I really am sorry about the gaps in updating this page but I have had a flu type thing and my head has been aching some thing rotten.. Anyway if you would like some genuine oil paintings for your wall and a knock down page then this link could be for you.

Sites worth seeing

Have you ever wondered where to waste time on the internet. Well, it will be hard to beat Ben Charlton's "Pointless Click Counter", the site that does nothing more than log how many times folk will click on a button that does absolutely nothing. More than a million people clicked on it in July, less than a month after it opened. Concerned by the results, Charlton took the site down for a while…now its back and if you keep clicking, you might have the honour of being the 2.5 millionth clicker.