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Tuesday 28th November

Like to get yourself some great gadgets for Xmas, there are some great ones here?

Monday 27th November

Want to swap your video games?

Got a WAP phone and want a way to find your way anywhere?

Sunday 26th November

Several of the Daily Papers have very good web sites, I like the Daily Telegraph one myself.

Would you like to know more about the Internet. How do you use news groups, do you have questions about surfing  the web, many of the answers are here.

Saturday 25th November

Like computer games, like them to be cost nothing, well Freeloader has a good number of totally free games.

Friday 24th November

Here is a top electrical retailer to try.

Every thing that you could want to know about computer and console games is here at the Happy Puppy Site.

Wednesday 22nd November

Want to give your opinion all sorts of kit and get paid for your opinions. Alternatively you can just read the opinions of others.

Is your computer being slowed down on the internet by programs that unknown to you are sending details of your browsing to its ad'ware masters. I thought I was careful about these things but this program (downloaded from CNET) found 19!!! of these programs on my machine. Trust me you want to run this.

Tuesday 21st November

Buying a new road car? Well the Virgin Cars site is supposed to make buying cheaply on the continent easy.

Want to see loads of Motorsport links, you'll have to go a long way to do better than this site.

Monday 20th November

Here is the place where men can buy all those "Boys Toys" that they really want for Christmas.

Fancy giving your brain a work out, then this is the place

Sunday 19th November

Fancy a day out or want some where to stay in Britain, then it's all here plus loads of interesting places.

Want to be a Millionaire, well you get that wish here but you can play the game and get a ticket to see the real game.

Saturday 18th November

Want to the the time all over the world and automatically set the clock on your computer. There is a free down load that I haven't tried yet but I will be giving it a go. Follow the link and click on World Time.

I have added the really useful Mark Farmer fixture list to my fixtures page. If you don't have a viewer for Excel spread sheets (or many other MS document types) you can get them free from the MS site have been allowed to stay in business, at least for the moment. Try it if you want to share MP3 files!

Friday 17th November.

Put your Village on the map and start a community in your area.

Want a WAP phone so that you can read and send emails where ever you are. Or perhaps you just want a new phone.

Ringwood now have their own web site, very good it is too.

Thursday 16th November.

Like Slotcar Racing, well this site may be of interest.

One of my favourite search engines

Want to buy every kind of DIY tool imaginable, they are all here.

Wednesday 15th November.

Good to see that the Brentwood Show now has its own web site pop along to see the plans for the 2001 great show. 

Did you know that you can get up to seven entries in the National Lottery every week free plus lots of other chances to win cash?

Tuesday 14th November.

Fancy a night out at the cinema, here you will find details of the latest films and at what cinemas they are showing.

Did cannabis help Shakespeare to write, another weird story, this time from the BBC.

A new deal for 24 hour Internet access?

Monday 13th November.

Have a go at testing your reflex's, its daft really but go on give it a go. There are lots of places on the web where you can send free SMS messages to peoples cellphones, here is one of them.

I heard today that one of the Banger groups had been threatened with legal action. I have no idea about the rights and wrongs or even if the threat was genuine. However I think that we should all remember that the laws of the land apply on the race track and on the Internet.

Sunday 12th November.

How you drive is determined by your star signs. Well you can certainly find some daft stuff on the web can't you. Mind you Skoda aren't really the same joke they used to be some years back. 

Want some idea's for Christmas presents there's some weird stuff here (pity its in the USA still you could get some ideas) or if software (much of it free) is your thing then Dave might just have what you want.

Strange site this one, it combines UK Caravan parks with fly drive Holidays in the States, see NASCAR in the flesh or visit Eastbourne instead.

Saturday 11th November. 

Want to find your way some where, well I often go to . This a great map site and you can enter Street name, postcode or place name etc. Can help save a bit of fuel.

I was sorry to miss the F1's and F2's at Birmingham, Incarace do put on some good meetings don't they. 

Autospeed have an item about their RETURN TO ST DAY (United Downs Raceway Near Redruth - Cornwall) with the first meeting  on Monday 1 January 2001 New Years Day - 1pm unlimited Bangers * Stock Rods * Saloon Stock Cars and a guest appearance by the Cornish Rods. I love it down that way but prefer the summer :-)

Friday 10th November. 

Did you know that while you are reading this page there are probably several people trying to access your computer. Well maybe its not that bad but you would probably be surprised at how many port scans are sent to your machine, if you have been given a trojan virus they will be in, reading all your stuff and messing with your hard disc. Get a free firewall to prevent this at Zonelabs. Also visit GRC to test the security of your machine.

Had a look at Spedeworth's Site, must admit I always skip the rather slow to download intro though. It was just in time to remind me of their big banger do (The World Champ.) at Wimbledon on this coming Sunday

Thursday 9th November. 

My good mate Dave Carter has been busy on his web site, Rolling Start, adding stuff like pictures of National Hot Rods and BriSCA F2 Stock Cars from Hednesford on 5 November. He puts a lot into his site, pop along for a visit, I often do. 

Fancy having a web cam, well I'm too ugly but in some ways I like the idea. Logitech do several models and some are quite cheep. Go on show us what you look like, especially those lovely lady banger drivers I met at the North Cornwall track last summer.

Wednesday 8th November. 

Decided to have a look to see what is happening on the ASCAR scene. The jury is still out on whether this form of racing will have a sustained appeal to short circuit race fans.

Found another site that seems to do quite cheap CD's, it's CD WOW, perhaps worth an occasional visit as they do the top 75 Chart CD's for 8.99 each, with free delivery.

Tuesday 7th November. 

  Well Yacht racing isn't really my thing but if you want to follow a fascinating big time Global Challenge race, then it's all on the net.

Had a look at Gordon Randall's web site  loads of great kit for sale, especially if you are into F2, but what are they doing with their web counter? It was at 1,000 a few days back, then it was 500 and now its 9. Never mind only a slight technical hitch. The cars still go like the wind.

Monday 6th November. 

    Had a crop of adverts for the For Sale Page of the web site. It amazes me how many people don't even say please put this on your web site or thanks for putting it on. Ok so maybe I'm weird wanting to be thanked but I have sold. via the web site, many thousands of pounds worth of racing hardware and I wouldn't have thought a please or thank you was a lot to ask. 

Signed up for the BTinternet 9.99 a month service that gives free calls to the net evenings and weekends. Didn't go for Surftime as the other, credit card service, gives access via an ordinary 0800 number and I can use it free on my Orange phone. Just call me tight.

Sunday 5th November. 

    Day  of the firecracker at Arena, what a pity that the weather wasn't too good, still no doubt they will get a good crowd. I understand that you can see masses of pictures at Chris Johnsons Site.

Downloaded the latest version of the Email program Eudora . You can have a free copy with restricted functions, a copy with all the functions and adverts or pay for a non advert version. It has some novel features, for example, it lets you know if you have written an email that might offend the person you are writing to!!

Saturday 4th November.

     Its my birthday today so I should have a good time.  Downloaded a nice little piece of software from . It's called X-Setup and it allows you to do things to your computer that might otherwise be difficult, like alter the registry settings.

Rang Coventry Stadium, spoke to a "lady" on the management there who told me that the internet is total rubbish and that Coventry stadium would have nothing to do with it. She went on to say that it shouldn't be allowed that although she had never seen it and never would she was convinced what a bad thing it was. As I had spent all the previous week sending emails to people all over the country and Europe I was a bit miffed and made promise to my self to do no more free advertising for that outfit!

Roger Venison