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I'm sad to say that after all the years running the website I have decided that I won't be updating it again after the end of 2017. I have paid for the URL and the hosting site for a good part of 2018 so it will remain for that time as a static record. 
 As many of you will know, the website was the first one covering UK Oval Racing and in the early years attracted many hundreds of thousands of visitors. In fact if all the numbers of visitors over the life of the site were added together I believe that it would run into millions. It has given me a great deal of pleasure and brought me into contact with a huge number of brilliant people. Sadly I have been getting older and will be 70 in 2018. Also and perhaps more importantly, far fewer people visit the site now and people seem to prefer to make use of social media to get their news and of course give vent to their own opinions. I particularly find it hard to maintain the site when I'm away from home and we still do like to go on regular travels. The sport itself has, perhaps, changed with fewer people wanting to know what is going on behind the scenes and with so many formulas the interest is often spread rather thinly.
For me closing the website is the end of a huge chapter of my life and it's not a decision that I have taken lightly.  I may start some form of blog (other than the one I already run about our travels) and explore my thoughts on the racing. Blogs are technically much easier than websites.

I would like to sincerely thank all the people who have helped with the website since I started it in the 1990's. The promoters, the drivers, the racing teams, a huge number of individuals and the folk who have contributed reports, pictures and news. Also in the past a number of people and firms helped with sponsorship of the site, many thanks to them.

I hope that I still get to meet many of you at the various tracks in the future as I certainly hope to keep in contact with the large number of friends I have made through the website.

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Between 1/2/97 and 25/12/99 over 130,000 people visited these pages.
Between 25/12/99 and 31/12/01 314,420 people visited these pages!
During 2002 around 225,330 people visited these pages!
During 2003 there were 250,081 visits this site.
During 2004 there were 261,228 visits to this site.
During 2005 there were 271,541 visits to the site, thanks to all of you.
The total number of visitors to this page in 2006 was 293,968 , many thanks for coming folks.
2007 saw 255957 visitors come to the site, thanks to you all.
In 2008 we had 199,000 visitors registered on this page, many thanks.
In 2009 there were 196,600 visitors to the front page of the site,
a little down but I think quite a few go direct to the news page.

In 2010 there were 185,000 visitors
in 2011 there were 105,000 visitors
in 2012 100,000 visitors

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  Welcome to my UK Oval Racing Pages. If you are new to these pages I would like to explain that they are intended to cover all forms of UK Oval racing. This includes Stockcar, Hot Rod and Banger Racing. If you feel a little lost with so much to see, go straight to the News page where hopefully you will find something of interest.


Please keep your reports and results coming in. I have already found that its very difficult to take down results and get round the pits to pick up the news and gossip. Even if I'm at a meeting myself I would still be grateful to receive the results.

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